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A cloth bag, or if you are poor like 2015-Mar-22

Eel Trap


A cloth bag, or if you are poor like me, a stolen t shirt 2. Some hay or straw or newspaper 3. Bait. just fillet like a fish and throw on BBQ, or smoke it, or fry it. Ether way it tastes rather mediocre, but at least you know .


1. A cloth bag, or if you are poor like me, a stolen t shirt


2. Some hay or straw or newspaper


3. Bait. Can be offal, rabbit blood, your own blood, or a 12lb steak, or a pork Brandon Saad Authentic Jersey chop depending on how much you want to waste your money on something that will end up at the bottom of a river with eels writhing around amongst it.


4. If using a t shirt, you'll also need http://www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Patrick_Sharp_Jersey some string


5. and scissors or a knife to cut it with


6. somebody who doesnt mind having their arm savaged, or a leather glove, or an ounce of carefulness and common sense.


"Eels produce slime but only when they are taken out of the water. The slime keeps their skin wet. You can avoid the slime slip by;


A) Harvesting your eels in the water, right beside them, cheek by jowl, as it wereB) a length of pantihose placed over your hand allows you to easily grab www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Brent_Seabrook_Jersey your opponent. This is a most remarkable method and works for all fresh water fishies.


Section 1.5.8, part C: Slime and its aftermath.


Eel slime is stinky. Not really fishy, just sort of manky/muddy, like Fungus the Bogeyman's armpit. Cure:


Toothpaste. Toothpaste is the only substance that will remove the stench from your hands. Wash as with soap. Do not use the eel Jiri Hudler Pink Jersey slime on your teeth.


Smoked is the best I think especially with some nicely flavoured branches. Every other method makes you realise why there are so many eels thriving in nature.

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